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90-Day Conscious Leader Wellness Program

Change the Way You Experience Life

Are you aspiring to not only excel in your career but also lead a balanced and fulfilling life? VitalityXchange Conscious Leader Wellness Program is your gateway to achieving profound personal growth while mastering the art of conscious leadership.


What is the Program Agenda?

This program is customized to fit your needs and schedule. The Program Director will work with you to make sure you get the full benefits the program has to offer within your desired timeline.

For illustration, here is a sample timeline and agenda:

Initial Payment Received - Gain access to private Online Group, fill out onboarding survey, receive Human Design chart and book initial check-in session with program director

Week 1 - 1st Check-In session to discuss goals, set initial program objectives, and book Month 1 appointments

Week 2 - Private Session #1 - Ayurvedic Health Evaluation with Mary Beth Perrone

Week 3 - Nutritional Detox Counseling with Jennifer Becker

Week 4 - Second Check-In session to review initial observations, recommendations, and discuss remaining coaching sessions

Week 5 - Reflection exercise, book Month 2 appointments, prepare for Detox Week, and make 2nd payment installment, if required

Week 6 - 5-Day Detox Group and WellCare Package mailed

Week 7 - Private Session #3 with selected coach

Week 8 - Private Session #4 with selected coach

Week 9 - Reflection exercise, book Month 3 appointments and make final payment installment, if required

Week 10 - Private Session #5 with selected coach

Week 11 - Private Session #6 with selected coach

Week 12 - Final Check-In session to review 90-Day summary and 6-month outlook report

Can I choose the Vitality Pro I work with?

Yes, you will be able to choose up to four different Vitality Professionals to work with. During the onboarding process and monthly check-ins, you will work with the program director to match your needs, style and goals with the right person(s) on our team. Go to the Meet our Vitality Professionals section below to hear from some of the coaches involved in this 90-Day Wellness Program.

What is your Refund Policy?

You can request a full refund during the onboarding process. If you are unsatisfied once you start the 90-day program, you may request a partial refund for unused benefits. Such partial refunds will be subject to approval of the Program Director and a $350 administration fee.

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This 90-Day Wellness Program is perfect for:

  • Those looking to enhance leadership efficacy and team dynamics

  • Those desiring to connect with credible professionals.

  • Anyone aiming for a balanced, fulfilling life through targeted growth opportunities.

What you'll get:

  • Personalized Service with Measurable Accountability

  • Six Private Coaching Sessions

  • A 5-Day Group Detox

  • Custom Reports & Check-ins

  • WellCare Package & more

Personalized Services

VitalityXchange offers unparalleled opportunities for both personal and professional development. By joining our exclusive community, you're not just investing in your career or personal well-being; you're obtaining a passport to a world of growth and opportunities.

Here's how you'll benefit

  • Exclusive Access to Vetted Professionals: Tap into our network of accomplished wellness and leadership experts dedicated to your success.

  • Tailored Wellness and Leadership Programs: Experience custom programs that address your unique needs, facilitating real and lasting growth.

  • A Thriving Supportive Community: Engage with a collaborative community that fosters connections, sharing of best practices, and mutual growth.

  • Continuous Learning and Development: With our workshops, webinars, and retreats, you're always on the cutting edge of wellness and leadership trends.

  • Visibility and Growth Opportunities: Amplify your visibility within a network that values innovation and contributions, offering endless opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Corporate Offerings

At VitalityXchange, we specialize in curating custom corporate wellness programs designed to invigorate your workforce, inspire collective well-being, and elevate overall productivity. Our unique retreats and wellness solutions are tailored to meet the distinctive needs of today's dynamic corporate professionals.

We believe that a healthy team is the foundation of a thriving company. Our Vitality Professionals blend the science of health with strategic wellness practices to transform your office into a hub of vitality and success.


Custom Wellness Programs

Elevate Your Team's Health: Our tailored wellness programs are designed and built around the pillars of mental, physical, and emotional health, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your team's well-being.


Corporate Retreats

Retreat to Advance: Escape the office and step into a space of tranquility and strategic team building. Our retreats are more than just a break from the daily grind; they are stepping stones to higher performance and a more cohesive team dynamic.


Executive Wellness

Leadership with Vitality: We offer specialized services for executive teams and board members to ensure leadership operates at its peak, setting the tone for an organizational culture that values well-being as a pathway to success.


Fitness & Nutrition

Fueling Performance: Through a combination of fitness consultations and nutritional coaching, we provide the tools for employees to maintain optimal health, translating into energy and efficiency in the workplace.


Stress Management Mindfulness

Mind Over Matter: Eradicate burnout and introduce your professionals to effective stress management techniques. Our programs encompass mindfulness training, meditation sessions, and resilience workshops.

Meet Our Vitality Professionals

The VitalityXchange Collective is growing its network of Vitality Professionals and Partners. These are just some of the professionals that are within our new 90-Day Conscious Leader Wellness Program. Check back for more as we continue to update our website for more experts, videos and offerings.

Jennifer Becker

Jennifer Becker is a certified health coach and nutritional coach. She is a certified YT200 yoga instructor, a certified hula hoop instructor and retreat leader. She provides one-on-one coaching and a 5-Day detox group coaching sessions.

Wolf Castillo

Wolf is a certified financial wellness coach, a trauma-informed breathwork leader, and an accountability and performance coach. He focuses on finances, relationships, self-expression and nervous system regulation.

Sandra D. Johnson

Sandra Johnson, MHSC, CTP is a certified trauma professional, emotional wellness coach and non-clinical Mental Health counselor. She provides support on youth in crisis, communication and relationship management.

Jen Liss

Jen Liss is a Trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and certified life coach. She focuses on nervous system regulation through breathwork, self-awareness and intuitive decision-making.

Mary Beth Perrone

Mary Beth is a certified Ayurvedic health coach, hormone health expert and retreat leader. She provides holistic health evaluations, hormone consultations, and meditation.

Caylin White

Caylin Brie White is a certified Intuitive Mindful Meditation and Breathwork Leader. She provides instruction and courses around mindfulness, meditation, Human Design, and intuitive decision-making.

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